Fiona Finchett
Photographer // Graphic Designer


I tend to do a lot of stuff! So, I have attempted to document it all here!

Mentoring - Manchester College

I met my mentee yesterday, arranged by Manchester College. Instead of causing awkward conversation just sat in a cafe somewhere, I took her on a trip. We visited AWOL studios as there was an exhibition curated by second-year fine art students at Manchester School of Art. Having had a little look around, I gave Linda my camera. A little uptight at first, I showed her how to adjust the settings fairly quickly to suit an environment.

After a few shots, she began to ask more and more questions. I then shot the rest of the event, and chatted to a couple of the artist about the awesome work they were exhibiting in such a beautiful building. We then left and walked back to town. I feel like we got on well, lots of laughs and interesting conversation. The most fascinating statement from Linda was that she didn't believe social media was such an important tool.


Views inside and outside of AWOL Studios.

Photography: Fiona Finchett