Fiona Finchett
Photographer // Graphic Designer


I tend to do a lot of stuff! So, I have attempted to document it all here!


I stopped off at Cottonopolis for brunch and a meeting with Rachel Cook. We are currently working on a project called Elaborate. The initial starting points were made at Breakfast Club on Wednesday, as we asked attendees to find a space within PLANT and draw for 10 seconds, flip the paper and draw again for 20 seconds.

We will be using these drawings are a starting point for a workshop held again, at PLANT, next Thursday. However, this time, attendees will be elaborating on the extremely quick sketches to create something new. They will be asked to only use scraps of paper that we provide. These little artworks will then be placed up on the wall. Encouraging participants to create their own sequence to order a publication.

In the meeting today, we discussed the distribution of this final zine and how often these workshops could possibly go on for. We also generated some ideas on the branding of the project.

Fiona Finchett